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Like any festival worth their weight we have some amazing producers from all across the country joining us at the festival this year, see more below and updates about who’s joining and what they’re cooking up.

Karma Cola

Good looking, great tasting, do gooding drinks. Karma Cola made organicFairtrade drinks that are good for the planet, good for growers and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be. #drinknoevil|

Culinary Pavilion

This year we’re seeing some great changes to the Culinary Pavilion. With the help of our proud and long standing food partners we’re bringing the best of Marlborough producers and produce to the festival. This year, Cloudy Bay Clams, Kono NZ, Regal Marlborough King Salmon will be serving up a few dishes created by some of the best chefs in the country. They each will be partnering with a celebrity chef to create a few dishes and sell them in the culinary pavilion. We’ll update you a menu to make your mouth water and some big names shortly.

Next to these stalls, we’ll have what we’re calling chef’s talks. Think TED talks but not as you know them. Instead of focusing this year on the dish, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of our amazing food producers here in Marlborough.

MCing these chefs talks is the only man who knows more about Marlborough than we do and one of New Zealand’s finest chefs, Martin Bosley. Martin has worked in and owned a number of award-winning restaurants and now has his own range of food products called Bosley’s Pantry.

With a food philosophy inspired by the wealth of great local ingredients, Bosley is a recognised leader in developing a broad, rich and exciting New Zealand cuisine so he was a classic choice to lead these discussions about the dynamic food scene here in Marlborough.

He is a huge fan of the heroic efforts of Kiwi winemakers, farmers, fishermen, and locally produced, artisan crafted food.

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